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This Surah was revealed after the battle of Bani An-Nadhir. All traditions agree that this battle took place after the incident of Bi'r Ma'unah, and historically it is also well known that the incident of Bi'r Ma'unah occurred after the Battle of Uhud. The theme of this Surah is an appraisal of the battle against the Bani An-Nadhir which can be summarized as follows:. In order to understand the subject matter of this Surah, it is necessary to know the history of the Jews residing in Madinah and Hijaz, for without it, one cannot understand the real causes behind the way the Prophet's dealt with their different tribes. They have not left any writings of their own in the form of a book or a tablet which might shed light on their past, nor have the Jewish historians and writers of the non-Arab world made any mention of them. The reason being that after their settlement in the Arabian peninsula, they had detached themselves from the main body of the Jewish nation, and the Jews of the world did not count them among themselves.