Chumma Bina Tarsaav Mat Raja

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Some facts about Raja Tarsaav Chumma Bina Mat download free :

Raja Mathangi Devi is the three-eyed form of Devi Shakthi. Performing this homam bestows one with the power of speech, high communication skills, bliss in family life and protects one from misfortunes. This homam is performed by invoking Raja Mathangi Devi followed by chanting of the mantra dedicated to Raja Mathangi and then performing the homam as per shastras. Fridays are usually preferred to perform this homam, other than Fridays Dates are usually fixed on an auspicious Muhurth which is compatible to the Nakshatra of the one who is performing this homam. Book Vadhyar for Raja Matangi Homam. All the Pooja Samagri will be brought by Vadhyar.